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Earth Keepers

Wahta Mohawks is developing a community-based consensus planning approach to solid waste management. A Community Action Group has been formed with some interested individuals.  These individuals along with Administrator Karen Commandant will develop a program of community participation and consultation regarding this important issue.

Solid waste effects us all; it has an impact on us and our natural world.  Any steps that we can take to reduce or element it are beneficial.  We all need to take responsibility for our actions to provide a clean and safe world in which to live, grow and prosper.  The end result of this program will be a usable plan that  will help us reduce solid waste in Wahta.  Education for all will be part of the process.  Look for more information coming soon.

If you want more information or want to become involved, please contact Karen Commandant at the Wahta Administration Office, 705-756-2354.

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Look What We Picked Up!!

Look what we picked up along side Muskoka Road 38 on our annual roadside cleanup to coincide with Earth Day 2002.  Over 50 citizens of the Whata Mohawks picked up trash after a pancake breakfast.  Make a difference in OUR community… Don't litter, pick up any trash you see to keep Wahta Clean!

Left, Verna White, helps with the cleanup, extreme left, the pile of trash that was picked up.

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