Wahta Mohawks
Wahta Mohawk Territory
Box 260, Bala, Ontario, Canada, P0C 1A0
Phone 705-756-2354 Fax 705-756-2376

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Cathie Laing is the Citizenship Registrar for Wahta.  She has come home after many years working in nursing management  in Toronto and now  lives with her husband in Wahta. 

Her work is governed by the Mohawks of Gibson Membership Code and it's regulations.  The citizenship Registrar is appointed by Chief and Council to maintain the citizenship roll for the Wahta Mohawks.  This includes taking and processing applications for citizenship, maintaining records of births, deaths, and marriages.  Cathie is also provides information about the Citizenship Code and answers inquiries about heritage information.  She is also responsible for maintaining all records in a confidential and secure manner.

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