Wahta Mohawks
Wahta Mohawk Territory
Box 260, Bala, Ontario, Canada, P0C 1A0
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Health Program

The Wahta Community Health program is coordinated primarily by the Community Health Representative (Philip Franks CHR) since 1984 by contribution agreement with Health Canada, First Nation Inuit Health Branch.   The program focuses on education and health promotion, but also is the focal point for program development and service delivery.  The key players are the CHR,  Community Health Nurses (Susan Siwik, and Brenda Contin), and an Environmental Health Officer, George Korzeniecki.  Health maintenance programs and health education are carried out in the community through their work. .

Liaison with many other organizations and private practitioners offers the rest of a holistic approach to health.
Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians,  Native mental health, Community Mental Health, Foot Care practitioners, Dental officers, Nutritionists, Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (SOADI), and the Community Care Access Centre are some of the many other agencies that are called upon to assist and offer services to the community.  You can find more health information at http://www.chiefs-of-ontario.org/linksto.htm#First Nations Health

Sub-programs deal specifically with HIV/AIDS prevention, and Diabetes Prevention. Always a concern is long term care for the ill and elderly, this is an area that is currently being set up to offer full and consistent services to the community.  Non-insured health benefits, vision care, dental and pharmaceuticals are administered on an Ontario wide basis, however, the Wahta health office is a place for information and or assistance in receiving these benefits. Patient transportation for residents of Wahta who meet the criteria is handled directly from this office.

The educational resources of the health center are accessible to visitors.  Presentations on computer will be shown continuously, and the video library is available to be viewed in privacy areas.  The home care lending cupboard, (wheel chairs, walkers, canes, commodes, etc) is also operating and at the community's disposal. 

As a part of the Wahta program staff planning and implementation team, the Community Health Services are working toward the empowerment of the community using a approach to health which focuses on the spiritual, mental, emotional, and  physical aspects of health.

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