Wahta Mohawks
Wahta Mohawk Territory
Box 260, Bala, Ontario, Canada, P0C 1A0
Phone 705-756-2354 Fax 705-756-2376

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Children's Services

Sherry Byrne has lived at Wahta for 32 years.  She lives with her husband and two teenage children.  As Native Children Welfare Prevention Worker, Sherry provides a wide range of activities, which includes cultural, recreational, social educational activities and parent education.  She works with Muskoka Family and Children's Services in the provision of counseling and support services to children and their families, when requested.

Program goals and Objectives:

The program will complement existing services in order to provide a wider range of onsite activities.
  • Provide a local person who will prevent the circumstances leading to a crisis and high risk situations, or will intervene in accessing appropriate resources in these situations.
  • Improve family and community life via cultural/recreational/social/educational activities and parent education.
  • Instill a greater sense of native awareness and identify among the child and youth in the community.
  • Increase self-esteem and image by direct involvement and participation in activities.
  • Help develop an awareness of outside resources and act as a resource person in accessing these resources.
  • Improve inter-familial relationships by cooperation and involvement in activities.

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